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I am emailing you regarding Mosquito Squad and Joe Koval the owner who we had come out to our house last year in the Spring time or early Summer to spray our property for mosquitoes. Joe’s crew did a great job! It was incredible.

You all know how fussy and demanding I am about business services and treatment of customers and having your expectations met. You hear about having your expectations exceeded; that’s exactly how our experience was. Joe was fantastic to work with. He knows his stuff and didn’t present himself as if “we’ll just come in and spray for mosquitoes” – he spent time explaining about exactly what they were going to do, how it works, about mosquitoes in general (which was really interesting in and of itself)! He’s truly interested in making you a happy and loyal customer.

We had mosquitoes so bad you couldn’t even be outside. Literally 2 days after they sprayed we had no mosquitoes and I mean not a single one! You could walk around and not be bothered on any type of weather day or evening by them. You know the size of our property and it was like that all over. At night when we had outdoor lights on – nothing – not even one.

It was interesting to learn several things including that when you spray your yard it doesn’t mean that mosquitoes from your neighbor will come over to yours – they don’t do that and he’ll explain why.

I can’t say enough good things about how Joe treated us and how well his service worked. Joe did mention that there was a referral fee for recommending and someone becoming a customer – but I’m not doing it for that reason – in fact I told Joe I do not want any referral fees – if he chooses he can pass that along to you guys – I’m doing this because Joe did a great job and I think he should be recognized and that his service works incredibly well and because we all hate mosquitoes and some of us have kids and grandkids.

I can’t recommend this enough if you need this done or are thinking about having it done you call Joe directly – he’ll take great care of you – and he’s not high pressure at all. I know if you use him you’ll be telling your friends and neighbors!
Michael Pontarelli, President Qualicoat Inc., Churchville, NY

Easy to work with. Kate G., Burnt Hills, NY

Even with rain we are 100% happy with our service and would recommend it to anyone who likes to sit in the garden comfortably. David S., Chili, NY

Friendly, attentive and professional. Phillip R., Fayetteville, NY

Friendly, quick service! Renate D., Ontario, NY

Great customer service and the product worked great! No Mosquitoes! Lori M., Rochester, NY

I had a graduation party and had them spray 3 days prior. We had a lot of rain and after they sprayed the difference was unbelievable. Thanks for making my graduation party a huge success. Carol P., Niskayuna, NY

I have a large family who loves the outdoor. For 16 year we were never able to enjoy cookout and any fun activities in the year. Every thing i tried did not work. In 2010 my daughter was having her bridal shower at my home I wanted to be able to us my yard so after seeing your add i called set up a service appointment a week before the wedding. Well it was wonderful. Guest who new my yard asked for repellent spray. I assured them they would not need it. What a wonderful time we had. I have been a customer since that day. Barbara C., Rochester, NY

I like that you stand behind your product and services. Brian K., Ogden, NY

I love that it allows my family and friends to enjoy our outdoor space without being eaten alive! Rebecca M., Rochester, NY

I love the fact that Mosquito Squad of Rochester shows up when they say they are going to. Julie S., East Amherst, NY

Thank you for taking such great care of our property. You went above and beyond our original request…your generosity was incredible, as was your team. They are very professional. We look forward to referring more clients to Mosquito Squad. Kevin & Cindy, Rochester, NY

Instant relief from mosquitoes! Mike R., Hilton, NY

It really works!! Peter W., Honeoye Falls, NY

It truly has made such an amazing difference!!!!! I can be outside and not attacked!!!! Even with all the rain after the first treatment seemed to still do really good! Cant wait for the next treatment! Glad I found you guys! I have given your name out to a lot of people in the Gates area! Melissa T., Rochester, NY

It worked! Very few mosquitoes. Can finally enjoy the deck and pool. Marianne T., Churchville, NY

It WORKS! Joe N., Pittsford, NY

It works fantastic. Great service, great communication. Would recommend to anyone. Ryan L., Holley, NY

Mosquito Squad provides effective, friendly and economical service. I am happy to recommend them to all my friends and neighbors. Denise M., Nishkayuna, NY

It works great! My kids can play outside again. Sarah L., Fairport, NY

It works. We had a very bad mosquito problem year after year-it got to the point where we could not use our back yard. The services provided by Mosquito Squad took care of the problem and allow us to use and enjoy our yard. Steve M., Rochester, NY

It works!!! Gina K., LeRoy, NY

NO MOSQUITOES!!! Have often mentioned & referred you already, we love our yard for a change!! Mike N., Rochester, NY

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